What we do in Anti-dumping / Safeguard/ Anti Subsidy

Our team members have represented domestic producers, exporting producers, importers, users, consumer organisations and governments in almost 200 anti-dumping proceedings. In addition to the representation of clients in Indian anti-dumping proceedings, we have also represented exporting producers in anti-dumping investigations initiated by US, EU and Egypt. We provide our clients with legal representation and assistance throughout anti-dumping investigations including hearings as well as any legal proceedings before the CESTAT, High Courts and Supreme Court of India. Our team draws on its long time resources and expertise to advise and assist our clients in formulating and implementing their legal and business strategies.

Our experience in Anti-dumping / Safeguard/ Anti Subsidy Arena

Our resource gives us the ability to assist broad range of industries across countries to conduct market researches and analysis in a cost efficient manner and in a highly professional manner. Such researches and analysis concerning imports/exports can help the companies to ascertain their positions timely and take policy decisions concerning international trade.

Our firm is also in the Government of India (GOI) empanelment for the purpose of providing legal services/assistance to GOI related to trade remedy actions (Countervailing duty, Anti dumping Duty and Safeguard Duty) by other member countries against product of Indian Origin.


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